Saturday, December 5, 2009

now this is me. its really close to the right feel i want in my work. i love the edgie eye makeup, i love the black gloves: so rich and the hair wow, i haven't dared go so black and bold for such a long time - it was truely refreshing to be me again. black is back with big time. enjoy

here is my harry potter painting.... only realized when i finished how much it looks as if harry was a strong influence. you must believe it was not an intention. i did well picking the owl; i have been told it is an extremely rare breed who sleep at night. therefore make perfect pets, if you can manage to import one. extremely hard i've heard to purchase one.

i love this painting. i recently finished it after leaving her for a few months - just watching her as i walked past... but after cleaning her up (extra layers of white) i believe she doesn't need anything else.